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Christina's Journey

I personally embrace aging, let me explain. I had my struggles in my young life where I thought for sure I would be stuck where I was forever. Not having the cool jeans, someone said something not so nice about me, I wasn't part of the popular kids group, I studied hard but got average grades, I was the kid with full blown acne on my face, back, and chest for as long as I could remember. I was so much bigger than every kid, starting in fifth grade. I was always in the back or on the bottom of every group photo, not easy for a girl. No one ever described me as "cute" or "pretty" or "smart" or "athletic", but I am proud of being "nice & friendly" to everyone.

Through circumstances, I started working several jobs after school at 13yrs old with signed work papers. Working young was not a hardship for me because I was finding what I was good at. Basically, figuring out how to work hard for the things I want. I've never been lazy, I was always an early riser, made my bed, did my homework, strived for perfect attendance....I wasn't the BEST but I have always tried my best. Learning and experiencing lots of life in-between.

Fast forward to now. I have always reinvented myself throughout life, as we all should. The cycle of growing, learning, growing, goal was always happiness. I do not compare myself to anyone and I cherish those "dying " moments the little me had, they are the foundation of who I am today, STRONG.

Unicorn Oil was inspired by the little me, the middle me & the 50yr old me. It is a product of what I am good at figuring out how to get exactly what I want, all in the name of happiness.

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You never complained as a child about being too anything. You accepted how things were and made the best of it and made improvements where you could and a positive attitude when you could not. I have always been proud of you and your accomplishments. You never cease to amaze me Your are AWESOME!

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