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Tending your Garden

Today was lovely. Most days are good, and at their worst, I have this ability to embrace the good and only attend to the less good.

Today a client arrives with a beautiful arrangement of flowers from her garden. All planted, attended to, nurtured by, and picked by her. I didn't even have to ask.

One of the most fortunate blessings in my life are these comfortable relationships I have with the women in it. Our ability to connect and dig deep within minutes is so fulfilling. I am not talking about "salon gossip", which I chose not to entertain, and therefore do not attract. I prefer matters of the heart that we pick and share, no weeds allowed in my garden.

My next client walks in.

It's a small world, (I totally believe in the 6 degrees of separation theory, and the law of attraction theory.) these 2 women know each other and haven't seen each other in a good while but you'd never know it.

They have entered our collective garden of Eden.

Within the time span of 2 hair color treatments and 2 haircuts, we shared, talked, listened, empathized, and solved matters of the heart.

They both leave and I remain feeling rooted and blessed. I think to myself, only plant what you can attend to and enjoy and share your garden.
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