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Decades of pressure

If you are a human woman, you probably know all about pressure. Societal pressure, work pressure, family pressure, community pressure, you name it. But most importantly, the pressure we put on ourselves. Imagine your life without these pressures. Quite a utopia for sure.

If you don’t personally experience these pressures, I’m straight up jealous of you and will now be putting pressure on myself to be more like you. I’m only partially kidding. Since childhood the one thing I’m confident about is that I for sure put the most pressure on myself.

I was a teenager in the late 1980’s. Beauty trends and standards were not inclusive and pretty strict. Big hair and curls were standard and took time and energy. Most of us didn’t even have the

right hair to pull off this look but damnit, we tried. Our bathrooms and locker rooms were thick with Aquanet residue and smelled like that purple Aussie brand hairspray. My generation is straight up responsible for the holes in the ozone layer.

Ideal skin was clear, poreless, and completely covered by makeup with cakey foundation, elaborate eye shadow and thick black mascara. I don’t think the foundation matched anyone's natural skin color. My babysitting money was burned on an embarrassing amount of blush and blue eyeshadow. Mostly wasted on just trying to make it look right. Which I know it never did.

Bodies were supposed to be thin, but curvy at the same time. The boys at school were more than happy to point out that my chest was far from desirable. Flat as a board became a common criticism. Fashion was limited to what was sold in the local mall, with mostly big, baggy choices. So funny to look back at old photos of me, at my thinnest ever, in huge, oversized clothing. Even my socks were big.

While pressure certainly exists today trends come and go much faster and at least from my perspective, feel less strict. I recently looked up 2023 beauty trends and discovered that both elaborate, coquette makeup, grunge makeup ala Wednesday Adams (love her!), and barefaced, clean looks are ALL in. Suggesting how you decide to present yourself is the trend.

UO encourages the clean, barefaced trend. We want women to feel less pressure, but most importantly, embrace the skin they are in. Without excess oil, dryness, redness, and pimples. It’s so much easier to rock the clean look when you love your skin. Unicorn Oil can’t take away the work pressure, family pressure, etc… but we got you on this one. You can relax and glow with UO.

Love, LA

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