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Falling in love for the first time

I recently learned to love my oily skin. Yes, you heard that right. I love my oily skin. But it is a recent thing. Not like I loved it in my 20’s and we grew apart. My oily skin was a bad relationship I’ve been in for 30 or 40 years but with someone/something I never liked or loved. And suddenly, I see them in a brand-new light and I’m suddenly head over heels.

When I started to care about makeup everything was matte. Shine was the enemy. Women were led to believe our skin and makeup needed to resemble a fresco painting. If your oily skin seeped to the surface, it was something to be embarrassed by. I fell for this myth like many women around me.

The suggested methods to “clear up oily skin” involved products that were super drying to the skin. It made sense. If I spill oil in my kitchen, I don’t clean it up with more oil. I get something dry and absorbent to soak it up.

Except the kitchen cleanup approach didn’t work on my face. So, I bought all the products promising to attack that oil and keep in line. My skin would feel super dry and tight for a while after a week or more of use, and later in the day, the oil would return. In the meantime, my dry patches would be completely dried out and flaky. Especially in the winter. The only problem was a bit better, but now my face would show a new mix of problems.

Next, I tried to mix products. One expensive cleanser and “moisturizer” for dry skin, a different cream for the dry patches, not to mention the wrinkle creams, and facial masks. I would no-lie, blame myself if the products didn’t work. I would tell myself, “I just haven’t found the right product for my unique skin type. I just need to keep shoveling out all this money until I find the product my skin likes. No product works for everyone.”

Then I found Unicorn Oil. It was the fall and my dry patches had already begun popping up like brittle corn stalks. I had heard before that “oil likes oil” when it comes to skincare. Within a week I knew it was TRUE. My eyebrows didn’t have little flakes in them. For the first time ever, my face felt balanced. My skin was clean and bright all day, but not in an oily way. In a glowing way. My face loved UO and UO loved my face back. I also learned, oily skin wards off wrinkles more than dry skin. Now my oily skin and Unicorn Oil are working together to reduce my wrinkles. I’ve even embraced the wrinkles around my eyes. I tell myself eye wrinkles come from wisdom.

These days, especially for middle aged women like me, the messages are supportive of embracing our skin, being and feeling authentic, and glowing from the inside out. UO arrived at the perfect time for a product that meets every individual user where they are, with the face and skin genetics and lifestyle has given them an

d balances it all out. If you are ready to glow from the inside out, and embrace the skin you were born with, check out UO. Let it help you fall in love with your face for the very first time.



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